Tiga Puluh Enam Bulan yang Lalu, Bukan Sekarang.


Aku ingat saat pertama kali ia menyapaku, memanggil namaku dengan suara lembut
Masih kurasa alunan nada yang ia berikan kepadaku, waktu kita berdiri bersama di balkon sekolah
Tak dapat lupakan bagaimana ia melindungi ku saat aku rapuh, jatuh, butuh pelukan
Tapi itu dulu, tiga puluh enam bulan yang lalu..
Bukan sekarang,

Dia mencintaiku, aku menyayanginya
Dia selalu berada disampingku dan aku setia bersamanya
Tak ada lelucon yang sebaik leluconnya
Tak ada sentuhan yang sehangat sentuhannya
Tapi itu dulu, tiga puluh enam bulan yang lalu..
Bukan sekarang,

Ia meyakinkan ku bahwa aku akan selalu bersamanya,
Bahwa aku satu-satunya
Teman hidupnya
Sahabat menua bersamanya
“Jangan khawatir, aku akan selalu bersama mu”
“Sayang, aku mencintaimu”
“Cantik, ada aku disini bersamamu, selalu”
Ya, itu dulu
Tiga puluh enam bulan yang lalu..
Bukan sekarang,

Kata tinggal kata
Janji tinggal janji
Tanpa isi

Kisah kasih yang dulu bersemi
Sekarang dingin diam bodoh tanpa suara
Ini hati, bukan tulang.
Aktif tidak pasif.

Bagaimana bisa tiga puluh enam bulan tidak mengajariku kepercayaan?


What it is about?❤️


Its not about the loyalty,
Its about who’s still there when you had done wrong..
It’s about who’s still there and understand that even the people that loves you make a mistake..
its not about who’s there when you’re right,
its about who’s still there when you’re wrong

Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

Number 2 is a must to be broken!Haha


Fashion Rules That Should be Broken

There are some fashion rules that should stay there are others that should be broken. Here are some of these fashion rules that you should break.

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  1. Don’t Wear White in Winter

Wearing white winter is a thing of the past with winter whites coming in creamy cords, ivory cashmere coats and beautiful white gowns.

  1. Never Wear Navy and Black Together

This rule is a little more complicated in that wearing black shoes with navy socks is a no no, but pairing a chic navy dress with black accessories like shoes, bag or shawl can be done.

  1. Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes if you want to look Slim

With the new craze around nautical stripes this rule has been put to its end. When horizontal stripes are paired with a cropped jean and ballet flats this…

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Homemade treatment for your skin! (Easy way to make your own home treatment)


Who says that it take a lot of cost to have your skin healthy?
If you suffer from daily acne, dry/oily skin.. Here you are! I wanna give you some tips and trick.
I have 2 favourites mask that i usually make :
1. Oatmeal+Honey mask
If you suffer from acne, i really recomended you to use this mask:
Grind the oatmeal in a blender (make sure you use flavourless oatmeal 😉 )
Add about 1/4 cup of water + honey
Stir until the mixture is gooey
Apply on your face for 10-15 minutes!
Rinse it off with a warm water
2. Lemon
It is very simple, just cut the lemon and put it on your face.
This mask help you to lighten your skin!
(You can add a honey into a squeezed lemon as an option)

But, sometimes if i don’t have enough time and materials to make those mask, as an alternate for my skin treatment i use this peeling cream that i usually buy from the store :


It is really recomended. And i use it 2 times a week!
(Don’t worry that is low cost and effective 😜)

And the last few tips before you start your own home treatment :
1. Start by clean your face use a warm water (it has a function to open up your pores)
2. Dry your face with a clean towel
3. After you use the mask, Rinse off your face with a cold water to shrink back your pores

That’s all! Hope you enjoy it and happy trying! 🙂
Just send your comment if you have any question or advice about this article❤️

Learn More About Life


Yesterday was a big day.. I went to my dad’s family party.
I think God sent me a sign to realize something that actually keep bothering me in a few days before.
And now i had conclued ,

When my love swears that he is made of truth,
I do believe him (though I know he lies)
Therefore I’ll lie with love, and love with me,
Since that our faults in love thus smother’d be.

Oh and..
If love make you forsworn, how shall we swear to love?

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Life is a Beautiful Pain


Have you ever feel like you’re left behind?
Have you ever feel like no matter you think a lot about something, it never give you a good comeback even in a second?
We have no guarantee to own something we care about.
And to being forever with something we can’t live without..
Weather it is near nor far,
Clear nor dim..
We just have to accept that if we have a tenderness about something, we only could have it temporarily.
Nothing last forever.
Even if there’s an infinity, we’ll know it out of this world.
Even if there’s an infinity, it’s always about the death.
Because life is a beautiful pain🍂


C’by : Nyimas Tazkiah